Cyanogen Marshmallow arrives for OnePlus One

It here! The much-awaited Android Marshmallow now has an official CyanogenOS 13 OTA build for the OnePlus One!

It should be delivered as an OTA update over the coming days, but if you can’t wait then here’s how to skip the queue and get it the fast way!

Manually Updating

This might sound scary, but really it isn’t! It won’t void your warranty, either.

  1. Download the official Cyanogen OS 13 (6.0.1, ZNH0EAS26M) incremental build from the following official link:
  2. (MD5: 0e8021eda7be56f6cb434d0db339a567, Mirror)
  3. Copy it to your device (or download it directly on the device!)
  4. Boot your OnePlus one into recovery, to do this; power the device off, then hold power + volume down buttons until you see the OnePlus logo, then release power (keep holding volume down until you see the Cyanogen Recovery Menu).
  5. Touch the option to “Apply Update” then navigate to the folder in which you stored the download from step 1 above. 0/ is the root partition.

  6. Touch the zip file to flash it as an update. This may take a little while!
  7. After flashing, Back on the main recovery menu select the option to wipe the “/cache” partition, then reboot!
  8. You’ll see the new “Mod Ready” boot screen, then you’re in!
    Welcome to Cyanogen OS 13 Marshmallow on your OnePlus One!

    Cyanogen OS 13.0 on OnePlus One

    Cyanogen OS 13.0 running on OnePlus One (About Phone Screen)

    Don’t forget to open the Google Play Store, and update Google Play services (and your apps, too).

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