Fighting Spam with Project Honey Pot

Ever heard of Project Honey Pot?

It’s an awesome service that’s been around for quite a while now (since 2004!), and is the core part of a community-driven effort to trap and track spammers online, including spam bots, email-address harvesters, and “bad visitors”. If you run a blog (like WordPress) it also tracks comment spam too!

To quote Project Honeypot’s sharing message:

I wanted to let you know about a service called Project Honey Pot.

It allows you to track and help catch spammers who harvest email addresses from your web pages. I signed up myself, added honey pots to my site, donated an MX entry to help the cause and think it might be a service you’d find useful.

At this point, I’ve now donated 141 MX records across 133 Unique domains, with several Honeypots hosted also.

Sound’s like a lot, right? The more donations, the better – If you have a website and/or domain and you (like me) hate Spam, you can sign up and they’ll walk you through getting set up to help catch and blacklist spammers (it’s easy and free!)


Project Honey Pot

Project Honey Pot

Link over TOR


I’ve never filtered TOR network traffic to this site; In fact it’s explicitly allowed in my Web Application Firewall.

But it gets better – This site is also available over TOR at c325lfp3aeuozjfu.onion! The onion URL uses HTTPS, but you may see a certificate warning (don’t worry – that’s normal!).

Check it out! There’s a couple of known issues with web fonts not loading,  mixed-content issues, etc. but content is readable 🙂