Day 1: Working Away

Day 1: 5 B&W Images in 5 Days

Recently my friend and colleague Paul Eaton nominated me to participate in a small photography challenge that has been passing through social media for some time. The challenge is simple; post 5 black and white photographs over 5 days.

See the nomination post

Challenge Accepted!

So without further a do I seek inspiration from Paul’s photo, and decide another angle of the project will be the first of the set.

Day 1: Working Away

Day 1: MacBook on Desk

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Image License: CC BY-NC 2.0

Setting up PGP on Mac OS X

Just last week I wrote a post explaining How to set up PGP on Windows, but seeing as though I now use a Mac for most of my day-to-day work, here’s an alternative guide to help you to set up PGP on Mac OS X so that you can use OpenPGP encryption and signing, manage your keys, and more from the comfort of your Mac!

PGP on Mac – Installing GPG Tools

Check out the GPGTools website and download the latest version of the GPG Suite. Once it’s downloaded, mount the disk image (just double-click it in your downloads folder) – you should see something like the following:

GPG Suite Disk

Contents of the GPG Suite Disk Image (.dmg)

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Setting up PGP on Windows with Thunderbird

Here’s a short (well, kinda short) rough guide on getting setup with PGP on Windows with Thunderbird! We will be using Gpg4win to provide the GnuPG tools and essentials for easily using PGP, and Enigmail to add support to Thunderbird for OpenPGP signing and encryption.

Got a Mac? Check out my guide to Setting up PGP on Mac OS X!

PGP on Windows – Installing Gpg4win

Head over to Gpg4win and download the latest version (v2.2.1 or newer) and once it’s downloaded run the installer. You will be presented with a set of options somewhat like the following:

Gpg4win Setup: Choose Components

Gpg4win Setup: Choose Components

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PGP Encryption and Signing

Just a quick one to say that I am now PGP signing all outgoing emails that come from my me on either my MacBook or phone. Certain git commits of mine will also be PGP signed.

Related to this, I am now accepting messages both online and by email that have been encrypted using my public key, and I’m also sending encrypted messages to people whose public keys can be easily found (either from key servers or through DNS TXT records).

Key ID – 0xD62083D0

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