Receiving a PGP-Encrypted Mail in El Capitan

OpenPGP: GPGMail on El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

Not all that long ago I wrote a post on how to setup PGP on Mac OS X, and a similar post on PGP Setup for Windows. Since then there have been a number of updates, but one deal-breaker (at least for me) has been Apple’s latest OS X Beta, El Capitan (10.11) which broke GPGMail entirely.

Getting GPGMail working with El Capitan

The latest Alpha release of GPGMail (from the GPGTools suite) is now available with support for the latest Beta version of Apple’s OS X 10.11 El Capitan! Want it? Go get it! Just remember – It’s a nightly release: There are known issues and problems should be expected!

To get setup with the latest Alpha of GPGMail, head over to GPGTools Nightlies and grab the special alpha “GPG Mail for El Captian” release from the bottom of the list:

The GPGTools Nightlies Webpage

The GPGTools Nightlies Webpage


Once you’ve downloaded the DMG file, mount it with finder and run the installation. You might want to close Mac Mail before doing so!
The installation will complete, and the familiar GPGTools buttons are back, along with the OpenPGP green button on the top-right of new messages!

GPGMail: Composing a mail on El Capitan

GPGMail: Composing a mail on El Capitan


Looking good! The received version has all the usual verification marks, showing that the message (which was Encrypted and Signed using My PGP Key), as you can see below:

GPGMail: Receiving a PGP-Encrypted Mail in El Capitan

GPGMail: Receiving a PGP-Encrypted Mail in El Capitan


So now I have OpenPGP functionality restored to my Mac once again thanks to the awesome team at GPGTools, and for an alpha build, it really isn’t all that bad! Hopefully a beta release will be available soon, in the mean time this release will certainly do the trick for me, as signing, encrypting, decrypting, and verifying messages all seems to work without a hiccup.

PS. You can find me on Keybase as Danw33!

Day 1: Working Away

Day 1: 5 B&W Images in 5 Days

Recently my friend and colleague Paul Eaton nominated me to participate in a small photography challenge that has been passing through social media for some time. The challenge is simple; post 5 black and white photographs over 5 days.

See the nomination post

Challenge Accepted!

So without further a do I seek inspiration from Paul’s photo, and decide another angle of the project will be the first of the set.

Day 1: Working Away

Day 1: MacBook on Desk

View on Flickr

Image License: CC BY-NC 2.0

Setting up PGP on Mac OS X

Just last week I wrote a post explaining How to set up PGP on Windows, but seeing as though I now use a Mac for most of my day-to-day work, here’s an alternative guide to help you to set up PGP on Mac OS X so that you can use OpenPGP encryption and signing, manage your keys, and more from the comfort of your Mac!

PGP on Mac – Installing GPG Tools

Check out the GPGTools website and download the latest version of the GPG Suite. Once it’s downloaded, mount the disk image (just double-click it in your downloads folder) – you should see something like the following:

GPG Suite Disk

Contents of the GPG Suite Disk Image (.dmg)

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